A Metaphysical Discussion on the Meaning of Balance

What is balance, after all? It is simply staying in the center; the essence of being of ourselves. It allows us to come from the wisdom at the center of each of us. Not too far to the right, not too far to the left. Precisely at the point of the innate understanding that we all have within ourselves.

We experience it through the body. When we walk, we move first one leg, then the other, and although we are leaning towards one side or the other as we go forward, we maintain our equilibrium because we are focused on the balance between the two legs in an unconscious way. We trust our center, that we will not fall or crumble to the ground.

When we conceive of a new idea, we dream, we marinate, we look at the possibilities. We allow the flow of creativity to travel through us without too much restriction. The new idea comes out and gets refined eventually. But in this first dreaming state we let it all come out without any disparagement if we are truly immersed in the flow. It is only after the vision has been completed that the other part of the equation comes in to find ways to make the dream come to fruition. That process of the whittling down and refinement comes as a balance to the creative time. It becomes clear this part of the new idea might be better if it went another way in the light of realistic thinking. So, we again have the balance between the creativity of the dream state and then the subsequent honing down of the more pragmatic state.

When we begin to discuss the spiritual realm, balance can become less tangible for most humans because it is not found in the palpability of physical matter. We hear messages from our higher selves, or a repeating intuitive thought, or a hunch in the “gut” starts to make itself known. Those that are not quite yet opened up to the spirit can sense, feel, and respond to what they call a hunch, a gut feeling, or perhaps they just go for it in an impulsive action. Those that have a broader experience with the spiritual realm may understand that they are receiving information, advice, or suggestions from a larger part of themselves. This larger part is connected into the Source energy whatever it is called – the collective unconsciousness, God, the creator, etc. They will understand that they have free will but also understand that they are being offered a different perspective from which to observe whatever there is a question about. And, of course, there are those that vacillate between these two ways of accessing “mystical” information. In fact, all humans vacillate but to what degree?

Human existence is but a game in many ways where we souls choose to forget what we truly are and engage in learning new lessons through the covering of a physical body in a physical world. If you can focus your observations from a more encompassing perspective, you can see that it is truly a fascinating and engaging adventure – these human lives provide an endless variety of ways to come back to the realization that you are but souls.

Let’s come back to the subject of balance. There is the fulcrum, the mid-point, the center where sight is not distorted. A little shift too far in one direction will disrupt the balance. The directions are multiple not just right or left or up and down or in or out. And sometimes the shift towards any one of these multiple directions can suddenly move the fulcrum so that the balance point is in a new position. It is similar to shifting of the earth’s poles. The earth does not cease to exist when the poles shift although the ramifications or effects change. That is precisely what happens when the soul in human form makes a balance shift. It is an essence turn, a re-centering, so to speak. From that new perspective, the possibilities that creative meanderings or dreams will have is with a slightly different flavor than what came before. It is growth, it is following the river of life into new territory while still maintaining the connection to soul at the essence of that particular being’s heart, so to speak.

These three areas – body, heart, and soul/spirit give forth the other parts of the human existence that can be played with as souls. Body and heart produce the mind which often wants to take control and be the ruler. It is a handy thing to have, the mind, but it is simply a “computer” to help formulate the needs of the body and heart. Similarly, the energetic component that humans speak of is the child of the marriage of the heart and the soul/spirit. For everything is energy but its myriad forms are limitless. Does it truly matter if energy is soul or love or light? It is birthed from Source and enervates the heart.

As a human child learns to sit up, stand, walk and then run, it is a constant matter of learning balance, finding the center as the body continues to change. The essence is always present but the perspective the essence radiates from will change as new understanding is brought into being. This is equally true in terms of how the heart evolves through emotions and dreams.

Is there one right way to maintain balance? There are as many different ways as there are souls. Each soul in each lifetime has the ability to exercise free will and choose how to maintain balance. That is why there are so many expressions of human lives. There are infinite varieties in the way of finding and maintaining equilibrium or integration.

Look at the earth as she moves through her existence. One day is cold, then next warm and sunny, perhaps in one single day snow, rain, and sunshine will all occur. The earth does not see one way as better or right but understands that tornadoes, fire, earthquakes and tsunamis all have important functions. Observed from a higher perspective, all that occurs on earth in terms of her manifestations have a use and a reason. Does the earth have free will just as human forms do? That is a question for another day.

Balance is not a stagnant thing. It moves and shifts and finds equilibrium second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, etc. There can be comfort in that thought. For energy moves constantly and heart and spirit are connected through energy.

Perhaps a useful question to ask oneself as we inhabit these human shells, beautiful and fun as they are, is where does the dream lead? What new way of perceiving is being brought into existence and where might there be a new place of balance? It is but a beautiful adventure and we are assured of many more as we move within the orbit of Source.