Body Work

An Innovative, Effective Approach to Body Work:
Classes & Sessions

Sheila Peters marries her deep understanding of the physical body, honed by decades as a professional dancer and teacher of dance, and the energetic body to create body work classes and sessions that are highly effective. Body work sessions take place in person, are one-on-one, and are customized. Classes and workshops are held at various venues, and some are offered online. Sheila can teach by request to groups of four or more. Go here for the current schedule of classes and here for rates. Contact Sheila to schedule a session, with questions, or to discuss having her teach a customized workshop for you.

Stretch/Body Awareness Class

Stretch/Body Awareness classes are for everyone, from dancers and athletes to those recovering from injuries. Developed by Sheila over decades of teaching, dancing, and practicing energy medicine, this unique, hour-long class promotes flexibility that resonates with our individual bodies, increasing range of movement in a gentle, highly effective way from the inside out. Using stretch and movement techniques derived from dance, Feldenkrais, breath, and somatic work synthesized with energy medicine principles and exercises, this class helps you become profoundly aware of your body. By focusing deeply on individual muscles and joints, you gain an understanding of your body that will improve posture, increase flexibility, and create well-being. By the end of the class, you will feel like you have moved every part of your body and will enjoy a sense of calm, balance, and groundedness. The classes are organized in three levels of intensity and are offered both in person and online. In addition to her in-person classes, Sheila also offers dozens of free Stretch/Body Awareness classes online on her YouTube channel

Energy Body Tune-up Workshop

This workshop fosters your connection to your inner power and wisdom. You will restore and balance your body’s natural energies, calm your central nervous system, and repair your biofield through guided energy medicine movements and breathing exercises. As you do so, you will become aware of your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies’ natural rhythms and discover your innate ability to ground and gain access to universal and earth energies. 

Jazz Dance Class

This fun, energetic, and uplifting class is for those who love the art of dance and want to practice their technique, increase their dance vocabulary, and become proficient at intricate movement combinations. Jazz classes limber up the body from head to toe and help students gain increased muscular strength and flexibility, learn body isolations, and practice the ability to quickly replicate complicated movement phrases. Sheila teaches these 90-minute classes at different venues.

Somatic Coaching Session

A Somatic Coaching session is designed specifically to address each individual’s needs. A client who is recovering from surgery or an injury will often need assistance in rehabilitating the area of concern on a physical level. Gentle stretches and exercises both in-session and for homecare will help facilitate the return to health. For others, the focus might be about alignment and posture or learning how to strengthen a particular muscle group. Somatic techniques may be paired with energy medicine exercises as well as highly effective breathing methods.

Dance/Performance Coaching

Often a dancer, gymnast, skater, or other performer benefits from an experienced “eye” to help strengthen an upcoming performance or audition. After a decades-long career as a dancer, performer, and teacher, Sheila now offers one-on-one coaching to facilitate a more confident, clear, and engaging presentation. In coaching the focus is on what makes you stand out from the crowd as a performer, and sessions may center on technical advice, enhancing dynamic staging, sharpening a sense of timing, and/or exploring the emotional and artistic underpinnings of a choreographed work. All performance coaching sessions are customized to the individual.