What They're Saying...

Sheila Peters’s clients weigh in on the benefits they have experienced from working with her.

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Energy Medicine

Sheila Peters is a gifted healer—I highly recommend her one-to-one energy work sessions. They are transformative and literally energizing. I feel more relaxed and grounded with lowered pain after treatments. I love that she provides a daily protocol that I can follow in between sessions so self-care, self-healing, and energy balance can continue to occur.”
Annemarie N.
Sheila is an incredibly skilled healer. Every session I’ve had with her has brought me relief and peace. During my most recent treatment, I let go of what must have been decades of pent-up pain and fear. I left the session feeling lighter and happier than I had felt in years. And the results last!
Lindsay B.
Wow. Here’s the good news: my energy levels have been above my usual the rest of our session day, and yesterday, and even today still. Seriously higher levels. Thanks for who you are, and what you do.
Pamela W.
Thank you for such a great session yesterday! It was such a helpful and moving session. The following phrase caught my eye this morning—Be a presence that exudes a kind of love that others remember. I keep thinking about the heart chakra. xo.
Kathy A.
With deep compassion, advanced level skill, and astonishing intuition, Sheila brought my body, mind, and spirit into a deep place of balance. Her energy work was comprehensive and professional, and I left feeling like she really ‘got me’ and had tailored our session and follow-up recommendations specifically to meet my needs. Sheila’s deep commitment to healing and obvious love of what she does, whether it’s in private sessions or delightful classes, is readily apparent…plus, she has a great laugh.
Susan C.
Perhaps because I am a practitioner myself, and perhaps because my system is sensitive, I am a very choosy client. I will only see practitioners who have the highest level of skill, ethics, and finesse. Sheila is one of those practitioners. She has deep knowledge of the human body, keen perception of the human energy system, and compassionate understanding of the human mind and spirit. If you work with Sheila, you can be sure of receiving the best care available.
Clara D.
As always, I am excited for our next session; I can’t wait to see what we learn or discover next! Thank you so much for your love, support, and positive energy.
Jeneen L.
No pain all yesterday after our session, remarkable! First time for a while with no Advil. Still better today, despite PT [Physical Therapy] torture. Your skill is impressive.”
Greta M.
Working with Sheila has changed my life. I am now able to hold my energy so that I can be healthy and clear in my boundaries and able to attract the kinds of experiences that I want in my life.
Maria S.
Sheila is amazing and gets to your soul in her work. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience wrapped up with compassion and understanding that I have not experienced before. She always makes me feel safe and nurtured and wants only what is best for me.
Cindy F.
I have seen Sheila Peters a couple times for her energy medicine work. As a Holistic Wellness Coach/Iridologist, I know the importance of taking care of myself and getting ‘tune ups’ from time to time. Sheila is exceedingly knowledgeable in many facets of healing, working numerous systems of the body’s energy fields. She is a very dedicated practitioner and knows her profession very well. After a session with Sheila, I feel relaxed, refreshed, cleansed, and cleared! She also presents so much love and care in her sessions. I highly recommend Sheila Peters!
Sunshine B.
Want to gain insights into yourself and into your life? Then schedule a session with Sheila. Much more than massage, Sheila’s practice starts with a short series of tests to determine where to begin and what to work on. I learned from her that the onus is on me to improve my health, first by understanding what factors—energy, hydration, proprioception, exercise—I need to balance, and then teaching me how to achieve that balance. I always feel renewed after my sessions with Sheila, and eager for my next visit.
Achmad C.

Remote Energy Medicine

I have been working with Sheila for many years now. She is amazing and has healed old traumas and wounds energetically. I can arrive feeling low energy and depleted and leave feeling on top of the world, ready to conquer whatever comes across my path. She uses many modalities and always seem to know what I need before I even arrive. She has been doing remote work on me and the effects are amazing and I always feel better, either calmer or more energized depending on what I needed. I highly recommend her.
Cindy H.
I have been a client of Sheila’s for several years, and I had always experienced positive, sometimes transformational, results from her energy medicine sessions. The benefits of these sessions have occurred for me for mind, body, emotions, and spirit. I consider our sessions to be a valuable tool in my kit as I continue to grow into my Self...Working with Sheila has always produced profound results. I feel as sense of peace and contentment in the moments immediately following our sessions, and then in the days that follow. I highly recommend Sheila's energy medicine sessions. She has a gift of healing.
John P.
I am fortunate to have had both in-person and distance sessions with Sheila, and both are profound. Sheila is a powerful, compassionate, deeply intuitive practitioner. As a fellow practitioner who is also trained in Eden Energy Medicine and Reiki, I am in a position to weigh in and tell you that Sheila is no ordinary practitioner. She is not only highly gifted and extraordinarily talented, but she is always honing her skills and continuing to evolve, which I believe is one of the hallmarks of excellence. I am blown away and exceedingly grateful for every session I get to experience with her.
Andrea G.

Body Work

Sheila’s substantial understanding of the body combined with her precise intuition create a nurturing experience of being totally ‘in your body.’ I have experienced both individual coaching and class work with Sheila and have ALWAYS come away with a sense of increased physical and emotional well-being.
Didi C.
Sheila led us through a profound and effective class entitled: “Gaia Rising—Stretch Energy Workshop.” She was positive, articulate, and clear, with directions on foot placement, neck movements, and torso. It’s been almost 20 years since I felt my hip joint release. Her precise movements also eliminated the pain in my shoulder blades—a tough place to release stuck energy. Thank you!
Dawn M.
I am one of your former students from [a high school where Sheila taught dance]. On International Dance Day, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, patience, and passion for teaching us. I had zero dance background before your classes. My love for dance continues and your hard work was not at all wasted. I did Middle Eastern Dance in college and was part of a dance troupe for three years. Since then, I started taking ballroom dance lessons. I enjoyed it very much and appreciate how things you taught me helped me there.
Mirna C.
Every time I see you, you radiate and look younger! I LOVED the class and your fabulous teaching style. The class was a perfect melding of energy and body work. Felt great after, and you have inspired me to work on myself. Did ankle/foot work this a.m. as part of my DER [Daily Energy Routine] and will do it again tonight with the goal of getting the energy moving and dissipating the swelling. Thank you, thank you, thank you (just wish I could come more often)!
Nancy D.
I just did the chair exercise video and it was just lovely! I feel invigorated, yet relaxed and stretched!! It’s wonderful!! This will help enormously to keep me more in shape! I love it!
Nancy P.