Learning Opportunities

Sheila Peters is a highly regarded and deeply experienced teacher and guide whose classes and workshops garner rave reviews. She offers many learning opportunities at various venues and online, and by request to groups of four or more.  Go here for the current schedule of classes and here for rates. Contact Sheila to schedule a session, with questions, or to discuss having her teach a customized workshop for you.

Stretch/Body Awareness Class

Stretch/Body Awareness classes are for everyone, from dancers and athletes to those recovering from injuries. Developed by Sheila over decades of teaching, dancing, and practicing energy medicine, this unique, hour-long class promotes flexibility that resonates with our individual bodies, increasing range of movement in a gentle, highly effective way from the inside out. Using stretch and movement techniques derived from dance, Feldenkrais, breath, and somatic work synthesized with energy medicine principles and exercises, this class helps you become profoundly aware of your body. By focusing deeply on individual muscles and joints, you gain an understanding of your body that will improve posture, increase flexibility, and create well-being. By the end of the class, you will feel like you have moved every part of your body and will enjoy a sense of calm, balance, and groundedness. In addition to her in-person classes, Sheila also offers dozens of free Stretch/Body Awareness classes online on her YouTube channel

Energy Body Tune-up Workshop

This workshop fosters your connection to your inner power and wisdom. You will restore and balance your body’s natural energies, calm your central nervous system, and repair your biofield through guided energy medicine movements and breathing exercises. As you do so, you will become aware of your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies’ natural rhythms and discover your innate ability to ground and gain access to universal and earth energies.

Understanding Chakras Workshop

Chakras are energy processing vortexes. They continually carry energy both into and out of the body and energy field. Chakras contain information about emotions, life experiences, and energetic memories. This workshop explores the seven primary chakras, focusing on each chakra’s theme, basic purpose, color, and shape.

Introduction to Meridians Workshop

Meridians are part of a continuous pathway of energy through the body that has been mapped by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners for over 5,000 years. Each meridian has a relationship with one or more organs or physiological systems as well as direct connections with emotional states. Blocking or impairment of the meridian flow leads to imbalance and can manifest as pain, illness, or emotional distress. Learn to trace your meridians for improved energy flow, gain understanding about the difference between yin and yang meridians, and identify the emotions connected to individual meridians.

Activating the Radiant Circuits Workshop

Radiant Circuits are powerful tools for healing, general well-being, and fostering positive energy. Learn multiple ways to activate and harness this joyous energy to promote health and help overcome entrenched habits that are not serving you. The Radiant Circuits (called the “strange flows” or “extraordinary vessels” in Traditional Chinese Medicine) don’t have fixed pathways and so are able to jump to wherever they are needed. Thought to be the first energy system that develops in the fetus, Radiant Circuits are profound and deeply supportive.

Introduction to Energy Medicine Workshop

What is Energy Medicine? How might it help you? This informational and experiential workshop will introduce you to concepts that are the basis of Energy Medicine and teach you exercises that benefit your day-to-day wellbeing and vitality, helping you feel balanced, grounded, and calm. You will also learn how energy medicine has been developed and utilized through multiple cultures. One of the hallmarks of Energy Medicine is its viewpoint, as it sees the individual as a unique being and looks at the person from all levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. Because it helps us integrate emotional healing with physical healing, it is a holistic and empowering way to bring about greater health.

Healing Crystals and Stones: A Beginner’s Workshop

Crystals are all around us. Would you like to understand which crystal might help in a certain situation? Do you want to know why a certain stone calls to you? This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn about crystals, and it may especially resonate with those who have an affinity to these mineral gifts from the Earth. We will explore healing traditions, care of crystals, vibrational emanations, and learn which stones balance individual chakras. Stones are provided during the workshop; they also will be available for purchase for those who wish to continue their exploration at home.

Clearing/Smudging Spaces Workshop

We often associate smudging or clearing of spaces with Native Americans. However, for thousands of years many other cultures have been using scented smoke for cleansing and blessing rituals—from the Zulus to the Maoris, from the Chinese to the Balinese. Smoke is deeply symbolic—it ascends to the heavens, as if bringing prayers and intentions up to the gods. In addition to smoke, sound vibrations can assist with clearing. Hence the use of drums, bells, and the voice are commonly combined with the burning of incense or plant matter. Oils and various stones and crystals can enhance the clearing experience as well. Learn more about smudging and take part in a clearing as part of the workshop.