Energy Work

Creative, Holistic Energy Work Sessions

Energy work is a broad term that refers to many different modalities of working with our energetic bodies. My primary work is through my one-on-one energy medicine sessions, but I also offer a limited number of channeling sessions each month as well as mentoring sessions. All sessions take place either in person, in Harvard, Mass., or remotely. In-person sessions occur with the client dressed in comfortable, loose clothing. Clients should be well-hydrated before sessions. Contact me to schedule a session or with questions. Rate information is here

Energy Medicine

I help clients regain their natural flow of energy through a blending of techniques drawn from Traditional Chinese Medicine, shamanic practices, the Eden Method, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, intuition/channeling, and movement. My holistic approach may include methods such as tapping, holding, buzzing, and connecting points on the body and in the energy field; muscle checking and correcting; repairing the biofield; and guided movement/breathing exercises. The goal is to rebalance and center the energy and release blockages so that the energetic and physical bodies can heal themselves. Clients often experience profound improvements in their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. Sessions are 90 minutes long, and at the conclusion of each session, clients are advised on energy techniques they can do on their own to reinforce the work.


If you are seeking wisdom or guidance, you might consider booking a channeling session. I am a conscious channel, which means that I act as a conduit, and I receive information that I relay to the client. That information comes from our higher selves or other non-embodied beings; I am particularly attuned to those in the angelic realm. Sometimes the messages communicated concern current issues a client may be grappling with, sometimes the information ties into a client’s past lives, and occasionally the communication will be from a deceased relative or friend.


I offer a limited number of mentorship opportunities, which are tailored to the individual. Some of the mentoring is ongoing, and some is a single session in which we focus on one issue. Mentoring always has an energy work component, but it is not limited to practitioners of energy medicine. That said, much of the mentoring I do is with energy medicine or holistic practitioners who are establishing their practices and can benefit from an ongoing relationship with someone with more experience. Other mentoring is with established practitioners who wish to focus on specific issues. Mentoring is so particular to each client that no two sessions are the same. Examples of additional mentoring relationships include: an individual who wants to change personal beliefs that seem to be hindering the growth of their business; a couple that wants to understand the dynamics of their emotional interactions so that they communicate more effectively and lovingly; and an individual working to stop self-damaging behavior and replace self-sabotage with self-love.