The Mysterious Vivaxin Field

One of the least commonly known areas of energy medicine work involves an energy field known as the Vivaxis. Researched by Francis Nixon in the 1960s, the Vivaxin field corresponds with the exact geographical point where a baby leaves its mother’s womb. As Shirley Climpson, an energy medicine practitioner from the UK, wrote:

Essentially, we are imprinted with an energy configuration based on the magnetic field present at our place of birth as well as the orientation of the planets in our solar system at the time and place of our birth…

The Vivaxin field imprinted on us at birth is intended to help alleviate the shock to the infant of moving from the nurturing environment inside the womb to the outside world where the child meets the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Donna Eden, energy medicine pioneer, elaborated further:

The shock of entering the new electromagnetic environment causes the body to form this protective energy field, creating a bond that electromagnetically aligns the infant’s physical direction at the moment of birth with the planet’s energies. This protects the infant and orients the child during the first three months after birth.

Francis Nixon further clarified:

It is thought that the baby’s vivaxis is generally created about the time of the mother’s first labor pains and is approximately the size of the fetus just prior to birth.

Fundamentally the Vivaxin field, which closely surrounds the baby, is meant to be protective until the child orients to the Earth’s electromagnetic field and no longer needs this shield. The three-month period seems to correspond to the passage of 100 days, a point at which many cultures believe that the child is viable and has survived the birth experience. Some cultures traditionally waited until the end of three months before naming a baby. During the naming ceremony, healers would make sure that any remaining part of the Vivaxin field would be demagnetized so as not to interfere with the connection with the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

However, if the Vivaxin shield does not completely demagnetize or if there was trauma around the birth, the child may carry into adulthood something called the Vivaxin Syndrome. Rather than remain protective, retaining the Vivaxin shield becomes a liability, as it causes energetic weakness when the person faces in the direction in which they were birthed. The individual will often find that whenever they face that particular compass direction, they have a vulnerability. This could be demonstrated as an inability to be productive if facing that direction or becoming tired, depressed, or more easily confused. Or perhaps the person will unconsciously avoid chairs or areas that face the area of vulnerability. This shows up in a simple energy check as an individual is rotated in a circle. There will be a primary point in the circle when the person is unable to maintain strength in the energy test (or muscle test as some people call it).

I have had clients who dislike working at their desk or sitting in a specific chair to read or accomplish tasks. Some clients report that they no longer get a good night’s sleep when they have changed the direction of their bed or moved into a new space. When verified, it often turns out that the direction of the desk, chair, or bed is facing is exactly the direction that tests weak when checking for the Vivaxin Syndrome.

Recent research indicates that a repeat Vivaxin Syndrome may also be triggered due to the increase in environmental pollution, particularly due to the proliferation of cell towers and the ubiquitous use of wireless computers, cell phones, Kindles, appliances, and the like. Our homes, schools, and offices are inundated with devices that utilize wireless electromagnetic frequencies.

Some individuals are extremely sensitive to these EMFs and find that their individual energy flow is regularly disrupted and benefit from more frequent remediation for the Vivaxin Syndrome. In fact, nowadays Eden Energy Medicine practitioners make it a practice to energy check clients every periodically. Those that are not quite so aware of energy flow disruption may not realize that they have a repeat Vivaxin Syndrome. As Shirley Climpson has said: We are electromagnetic beings and our human energy field is sensitive to disruption. Interestingly, the compass direction that tests as vulnerable may be different from the original birth experience.

In addition, I have found that many of my clients have needed a Vivaxin Syndrome “tune-up” when the individual is experiencing deep stress or a potentially life-threatening event or illness. I have also seen clients need remediation as a result of the stress of the Covid pandemic. Fortunately, I’ve found a short cut to do a “tune-up” that utilizes a shamanic approach.

So how can we correct the syndrome?

Fortunately, it is a fairly simple correction. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. Using a magnet or a glass crystal, an energy medicine practitioner will spin at each of the meridian endpoints, usually while the client is standing. Originally, I was taught this protocol during my foundational training year learning Eden Energy Medicine. Since then, I have discovered a few updates that I have found to be very effective. Some of these include having the client lie on a massage table so that they can relax and either fall asleep or more easily notice the sensations that occur as the correction proceeds. I also like to start with the Central and Governing meridians and then move methodically through the meridians in clock order, starting with the meridian that regulates the current hour of the session.

As my practice has evolved, I have noticed that I can sense in what direction a client may have a weakness by tuning into their energies prior to energy testing. I always do the actual energy test to make sure that I have sensed correctly but my ability to pick up the direction has been remarkably accurate.

When I originally had a Vivaxin Syndrome corrected for myself, I found that I spontaneously started to cry and felt a number of overwhelming emotions well up. The after care of taking a bath for the next seven days, adding a cup of baking soda in each bath as a cleansing method, seemed to bring a new calmness and strength to my body and mind that was subtle but noticeable.

In her book Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality, Donna Eden included two Vivaxin field correction examples of clients who had strong changes in their daily life. One was an architect who claimed he had lost his creativity. After Donna found that his desk faced the exact direction of his vulnerability and did the remediating protocol for him, he found his creativity rebounded. The other was a young mother with three small children who began to experience lethargy and depression at certain times of the day. Donna discovered that the work space of her kitchen where she spent a large part of her day preparing food and washing up was her direction of vulnerability. Again, with treatment, this woman no longer was troubled by exhaustion or depression.

Not everyone has such obvious results. However, most clients, once they have received a Vivaxin Syndrome correction, find that the direction of vulnerability no longer affects them. They happily function at the desk, chair, or area that previously created negative work habits and/or emotional states and that their sleep was less disturbed. In addition, some clients find that chronic illnesses, allergies, or cognitive issues have cleared with the corrective protocol.